Human Rights Party Malaysia

About Us

The Human Rights Party (HRP) is about the only political party in Malaysia that aspires non politicking and playing politics as the last priority. Our priority and hopes are to focus on the most serious cases of violations of human rights in Malaysia that happens to befall on the 70% Malaysian Indians who are in the poor and hard poor category.

The HRP had its early footing in human rights work from 1990 and formally with effect from 1999 with the formation of the Police Watch and Human Rights Committee championing mostly deaths and shooting to death in police custody cases and other police abuse cases. From 2007 onwards and under the Hindraf banner we vigorously campaigned against the Hindu temple demolishment spree by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government and thereafter also focused on the critical Indian problems in Malaysia.

Like in almost all other cases of human rights violations where the Malaysian Indians are the victims, in addition to UMNO/B.N. almost all the ‘multi racial’ Opposition parties, NGOs, civil society and the print and electronic media chose to look the other way round as the victims ‘merely involved the Indians’. Bearing this reality in mind we had decided to go ‘solo’ and fight our own battle albeit ‘aggressively’. This eventually led to the about 100,000 strong unprecedented and watershed Hindraf peaceful Rally on the 25th day of November 2007.

That led to our present Secretary General (pro tem) Mr. P. Uthayakumar being unlawfully imprisoned without charge, trial or conviction for 514 days under the draconian Internal Security Act (I.S.A) at Malaysia’s very own Guantanamo Bay ie the Kemta Prison, Kemunting, Taiping with effect from 13/12/2007. On 9/05/2009 when P. Uthayakumar refused to sign the conditional release from his ISA imprisonment he was literally thrown out of prison and sustained bruises to his left leg.

There was not a single day of his 514 days in prison that P. Uthayakumar had cried broken down or regretted as his very strong conviction that the very critical Malaysian Indian problems must be seriously addressed kept him going on a day to day basis.

On 19/7/2009 the Human Rights Party was announced in the presence of some 3,000 supporters at the Hokkien Hall, Klang. On this date P. Uthayakumar also launched the book he wrote during his ISA detention titled ‘Malaysia Indian Political Empowerment Strategy- The Way Forward’. Thereafter he has embarked on a nationwide campaign to politically empower and liberate the Indians from the clutches of especially UMNOs’ tyranny through legal, constitutional and democratic means by targeting 15 Parliamentary and 38 state Indian majority seats many of which had been jerry mandered by the Malaysian UMNO dominated government.